Though art God

Water Brother

I am a Son of Man..

Archangel Michael. . .

She nodded. " I expected it, I can see around me alright-- except myself. I still need a double mirror to see my back clearly. Mike says my Sight will include that presently. No matter."

Little Mermaid. .

He was convinced that, left to himself, he would have long ago achieved nirvana...dived into his belly button and long ago disappeared from view, like those Hindu jokers. Why couldn't they leave a man alone ? - Jubal Harshaw


Waiting is.

Fullness . .

2/12/00 - Friday night, 3 AM


Even as I sit here now in Jerusalem, surrounded by energies , and urban assaults overwhelming me, I manage to stay up at night when it is quite and peaceful and attempt to grok. . just finished Stranger in a Strange Land. God bless Michael Valentine and all other prophets alive in their eternal worlds- Luke Skywalker, Neo (Matrix) Bruce Lee in his movies, all other Jedi who live in the minds and souls created by their lives and actions whether imagined in the fiction known as the real world or other worlds such as the ones we refer to as paperback books and movies.

In fact there is absolutely no difference, because in the world of the spiritual, where the only currency is truth- i.e. alignment of our Double Mirrors- the language does not matter. That which we experience as real is only the product of a deep and determined dream currently occupying our souls. We create our realities as a language to move forward in this path, a spiritual evolution that leaves symbols , clues, traces, and shadows such as physical beauty, enchanting music, mind blowing images, or warm sex.(The lack of love and truth , i.e need and "wrongness" is represented by disease, hatred, jealousy, destructiveness etc.)

6 billion people on this planet are indeed dancing to a matrix. Dreams and or nightmares woven by either unique souls or a product of the "groking" of others. From the time each baby is born - a product of love - all human action can be broken down into binary code very easily if 1= love and 0 = non-love (need).

This is the code of the universe (alternations of chaos and harmony), and all action, events, and entities are symptoms of this ever-flowing exchange.

What is the alignment of Double Mirrors?- the absolute harmony between self and other - these 2 mirrors are the only constant reality in all dreams and shadows of the human spirit.

When the 2 align so harmoniously that they are 2 equivalent planes- that there is no discrepancy between (the needs) of self and other - this is love. this is what I think Michael Valentine means when he says "Thou art God."

The only way he can communicate this vision is the language of Martian- English, and the entire language of the reality of nearly all culture on this planet simply is not capable of "Groking" these terms.

Once past the innocent age of childhood , when dreaming and playing is no longer as important as battling over pieces and shreds of perceived need, residue of love (chair sat on by handsome man, perfumed panties or shoes of a Baywatch star) and attempts to conquer self love from those around us. . . this is when the lies truly take hold. . . and it becomes a game. . who can accumulate the most scalps. . make others lie the most. .. in an english conversation between too such creatures . . every time the word "I" "you" or "we" is used, it is self conscious, and loaded in mistruth. (the truth being each of these words is loaded with false assumptions). Speaking willingly in these terms becomes like having bad sex. . . and even asking for it. . . "I went to the store" when what is really being said is . . im conscious of a lack of self love/truth. . . i am lonely and full of need of many doughnuts and a Twinkies due to the commercials on TV. . yes please screw me. . . this is what an inhabitant of a city is really broadcasting every day. . unless he is the one eating the dreams of others. . . of course it is a not a one sided affair, but a rapid and chaotic orgy of energies. . . constantly swapped like wives at a swingers convention and consumed greedily with predator efficiency. . . boss fires mailman, so he goes and screws his wife.


Of course an orgy is not fundamentally bad anymore than a computer or other instrument. . a means of rapid and massive transfer of energy. . Michael Valentine proves this with his temple love cults. but the problem with cities is that the currency is not love. . . needs are transferred and bought and sold on the open market and the end result is only an increase for all parties in this currency. This is how infinite energy works (like a love party with sharing love ends with more love for all), and while a million self aware entities in close proximity have the potential to mass produce atomic explosions of love, the machine is instead used to create mass delusions of need fuelled by the sexual excitement created as a result from the exchange.

This becomes more apparent the further one travels into or out of a city - inner cities hurting themselves with needles and bullets, or warm rural communities with love and far away regardless of financial status of inhabitants ( whereas in city no love for rick or poor alike) etc.

So massing people has been a humanistic failure (although great for the machine and those profiting from all the lost energy) . . . This has culminated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but continues today with the Sodom and Gomorra post nuclear age evolutionary descendants - today's NYC and Los Angeles.

New York produces artists and muses like Sarah, and LA produced Star Wars ( or actually Lucas' desire to escape the storm troopers of Hollywood), but these achieve their veracity through the escape and distancing movement they make from the sources of their demons. Me and Sarah found enlightenment not from the strip club and times square itself, but from our effort to escape all that created these shadows.

So cities are not totally evil, in that all existence is bi-polar and can create an equal capacity for love. Extreme chaos means the potential for massive explosions of harmony as the chaos is bypassed and relief ensues. (mozart as a manic depressant)

But this gratifying and hope inspiring realization aside, the urban lesson is clear- escape the cities for all spiritually motivated souls, and only go there if you are looking for a demon to escape from. At times this is very rewarding battle, and for the innocently unaware, an exciting and perhaps worthwhile gamble, but never noble unless entered unknowingly and unintentionally.

The good news - disease creates the cure. . . information age allows all to live on islands with modems (currently can get as far as a remote Pacific island without hourly fees) but this will soon extend to affordable satellite phones.

All this because of the delusion of the "I""You" and "we" - something which is hard to explain (perhaps because I don't speak martian) but as self evident as the difference in the way these words sound coming from the mouth of a 6 year old child vs. Wolf Blitzer on CNN.

Our society is built around a matrix - an illusion which self perpetuates and attempts to destroy all those who would challenge its axioms and assumptions.

It is a very simple system, and when understood can be manipulated, and rules bended or disregarded completely.

Basically the matrix is an X + Y = Z equation.

All physical and natural interaction is left over from tens of thousands of years of evolution, but there is a new world which has superseded and continues to grown in the womb of the

Awareness = Love + Need .

Love = Awareness - Need

Need = Awareness - Love

Consciousness = Awareness = Love = Truth = God

More people= more communication/consciousness= greater obligations of Love to balance the scale. .. nearly impossible in a city of 6 million unless you are making love to an Ethiopian woman 24/7 and seal yourself in your own floor of a hotel a.k.a. Michael Valentine Smith/

Other notable proofs of dangers of the ramifications of these principle in different configurations at large scale (aside from artists dabbling with massive explosive quantities of truth)-

Robinson Curusoe - first industrial hermit?

Larry Flint- industrial information age hermit - total hermit, surely it was necessary. . .


Howard Hughes- billionaire. . ego shaping destiny of millions. . Presidential politics. . perhaps even Nixon downfall and JFK assassination, top secret soviet sub extraction could have started nuclear war, details discovered in break ins associated with watergate to prove his connection with democrats for nixon, Vietnam etc can be attributed to indirect result of his influence industrial information age hermit -

The amount of harm people to do each other daily in cities with little/absorbed consequence (the result being slightly better sex that night or no sex, a new toy for the kid or no toy, etc) for him would be catastrophic and unbearable. . perhaps billions lost and a minor annoyance otherwise "Okayed" away by most folks becomes unbearable tragedly with epic proportions.

of course this is in fact true for all people. those who recognize the epic proportions in all human interaction cannot take any of this lightly. only way to survive in city is to either turn off this human sensitivity and okay everything away. . become a spiritual corpse. . to build your own hotel floor. . never really secure. . look at the mob that got the man from mars. . .

But thank God, even as the challenge to survive is greatest today, so are the opportunities to become a Tarzan and escape to the innocent and mystical jungle.

Superman can have metropolis, I'll take a coconut tree and a few waves where i can finish these thoughts in peace.

The network /matrix includes everyone. . . and in reality while all this is rational and logical.- i.e there is a constant amount of loving that will heal any need. . 1 day with pam anderson not enough, well take a year, or 5, but there is a quantity which will be sufficient. so no real hermits. . just different requirements of isolation.

But no matter what we are all connected. love one you love all. hurt anyone you hurt yourself.

These principles are true for every living self aware being on this planet. flush your toilet in tibet and you might be causing a tidal wave somewhere in the pacific.


Modern society spreads awareness ( CNN, information age rapid communication) but not necessarily an increase in love. Every time someone gets in front of a CNN camera and doesn't say "I love you, thou art God, God bless each one of you" then somewhere some need is developing as a result.

Only solution for a spiritual survivalist is either to make love with a woman constantly to compensate for these urban inequities, or else to follow the path of the industrial /post modern/ cyber hermit - and create dreams and realities proportionate to current love levels.

Short of hugging each of half a million neighborhood inhabitants, the only solution is to take the fifth. By sleeping all day, and leaving my blinds shut, I am making a more true statement each day than the adults willingly participating in the daily rat race. Money (a physical symbol as basic as the need + Love equation) is therefore in ready supply, and thank God I have few needs. If I went outside and soaked in the energy of pedestrians and passing cars with my eyes. . i would suddenly have many needs.

A city is these principle in motion and at full force. No interaction between any 2 people is ever coincidental - it is always a deliberate move either premeditated by 1 or more egos or spirits, or else a victim of the equations and inevitable responses resulting from the energy exchanges of other in what is perceived as immediate and related vicinity.


For those to do not wish to create love through the journey, awareness/consciousness becomes the commodity to struggle over. CNN grabs your eye balls. If I don't listen to music at times of heightened awareness, cars noisily, and suddenly pass outside. . not by accident, but an attempt to bully for attention. . attention better spent at a calculated and loving dialogue with my Mac Powerbook.


Chanukah is one of the few jewish signs of awareness of principle- love /miracle, suddenly no need for more oil, and 1 day is enough for 8.

no more difference between man and woman than is between poor man and rich man. . just a prison of perception we submit to. But in this world, it is generally the woman vying for attention, and attempting to produce need (desire) to guarantee more attention (awareness). . . thereby forcing the last variable. . love.

but this is a twisted and usually carnivorous process. and the love is not infinite but limited by the constants of the issues creating the other 2 factors. She gets old, and wrinkly (an illusion or representation of the spiritual truth that desire is only temporary and is a farce that cannot be sustained forever), and suddenly the equation falls apart.

A relationship can also be built on producing love. . which forces awareness. . and by default sets the desire variable accordingly.

Or one can spend years in contemplation. . building awareness. . grokking in full .. the love /truth that is a born is the byproduct. . a very prized result. . .

But the weak and fearful insist on trading the only commodity which can be seen and immediately felt. . desire. . need. . food, drugs, human body, money,. . everyone of these things can be holy, but not by necessity, only in the proper chain reaction. (and chronology isn't an issue- rather intent), recognized as shadows not as principle currency.( idol worship )

So the mega cities not promoting love are like cheap but sexy women who have been with too many non-loving partners . tempting to look at. . pull you in. . .,but traps. . hard to leave. . and very dangerous. . .

A virgin place with few doorways . . or at least ones still sacred and not transgressed by millennium of dissonance is so much safer for any spiritual endeavor. Do you want to rent a condo used by 2000 years of people for your honeymoon. . some loving, but also Nebuchadnezzar, a few pimps, and maybe a pig or too (all these you mix with organically every time you dump your trash or flush your toilet). . or find some place new and pure. Can a city really be holy for anyone but the innocent and blissfully unaware children? A holy city must be an oxymoron for everyone else.


This I what I now realize about Israel. The most beautiful children. . . 18 year old girls the most beautiful I have ever seen. But adults can be more problematic.

It all makes sense now. . .and from the time my Fiat car was assaulted. . . . I have an obligation to head for island (in fact I'm going next week).

only back now because ran out of money - this was because island had too many people so need ensued. . ., and time to grok for a few months. . .


So is Jerusalem holy? For children and innocents only. For those who are aware of the spiritual dangers in living in another man's house- of renting a used car, etc.


It is time to dig deeper.

"Zion. . near the earth's center where it is still warm. It is the only city we have left." (The book of Matrix, volume 1.)

head south. . i don't mean south, i mean straight down. . deeper. . deeper. .. all the way into the center of this world. .. and out to the glorious and unspoiled innocent beauty of the other side. 12 time zones away. . straight through . . to a pacific island remote enough to grok without interruption.

With God's help I will be there soon, and the evolution will continue.


God is Great.


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No better way to become a digital prophet can be asked for. I pray with God's help to add to this wisdom a few more experiences and dreams.

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